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Topsoil with FREE DELIVERY - Good Quality Top Soil!

We Supply Good Quality Topsoil in Surrey, Covering the South of England.

New Lawns require Top soil when you have Turf fitted, so because we are turf grass laying experts, we will only use the best Quality topsoil for turfing.

Topsoil can be used for many reasons in your Garden, Flower beds require good soil to help the flowers grow.

We deliver only loose tipped soil but its FREE DELIVERY to anywhere within the South of England.

Get in touch with Surrey Turf today to order you good quality topsoil ready for your new Lawn or garden upgrade!


Extensive Coverage

Our FREE DELIVERY services cover a vast area in the South of England. We are a Topsoil Supplier in Surrey ,  Whether you are located in a bustling city center or rural areas, we have the capability to reach you. From Southampton to Basingstoke, through to Kent, our extensive coverage ensures that your Topsoil can be delivered to any destination within our service area.

Why is our Topsoil essential for Turfing? - Good Quality Top Soil

Topsoil is an essential component for turfing and plays a vital role in ensuring healthy and long-lasting turf.

Top soil is the uppermost layer of soil, typically containing a mixture of organic matter, minerals, and nutrients.

When properly applied, topsoil can provide the necessary nutrients and moisture retention capabilities required for the healthy growth of turf. 

topsoil for turf
Good Quality Topsoil suppliers in Surrey

What is the right Topsoil for Turf?

When it comes to choosing the right topsoil for turfing, it's essential to select a quality product that is free from contaminants and properly screened to ensure uniformity of particle size. The depth of top soil required for turfing will depend on the existing soil conditions, but generally, a depth of 100mm is recommended for best results

reasons why topsoil is essential

There are several reasons why topsoil is essential for turfing: 1. Nutrient-Rich: Topsoil is nutrient-rich and provides essential minerals and nutrients required for turf growth. Turfing with top soil ensures that your lawn has access to these vital nutrients that support healthy growth.

2. Water Retention: Topsoil has excellent water retention capabilities, allowing the soil to hold onto moisture and release it slowly. This is critical for turfing as it ensures that the lawn is well-hydrated, reducing the risk of drought stress.

3. Soil Structure: The structure of the soil is critical for the healthy growth of turf. Topsoil provides an ideal balance of soil particles that allow for water infiltration and root penetration, resulting in healthy turf growth.

4. Weed Control: Top soil can act as a natural weed barrier, preventing the growth of weeds and other unwanted vegetation that can compete with your turf for nutrients and water.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: A lawn that has been turfed with topsoil has a lush and green appearance, making it more visually appealing and adding value to your property.

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